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Finance Chair Applauds Senate for Advancing Pension Bill 6/30/14
Bill to contain costs on infrastructure projects goes to Governor 6/30/14
Senate Appropriations Committee Takes Step to Advance Pension Bill 6/29/14
Senate Approves Increased Whistleblower Protections 6/27/14
Bill to Expand Open Records Law for State-Related Universities Approved by Senate State Government Committee 6/18/14
Joint Hearing Scheduled on Legislation to Reform the Act 111 Municipal Arbitration Process 6/11/14
Senate State Government Committee to Consider Proposals to Reduce Size of Legislature 5/29/14
Senate State Government Committee Studies Gift Ban Proposals 4/28/14
Rafferty, Pennacchio, Vereb Announce Major DRPA Reform Legislation 4/24/14
Senate Bans Cash Gifts 4/9/14
Senate Panel Approves Cash Gift Ban 4/7/14
Senator Vulakovich Introduces Legislative Reform Measure 3/24/14
Senators Baker & Smucker to Introduce Cash Gift Ban 3/24/14
Public Assistance Programs Need More Integrity, Senators Say 1/7/14


Act 17 of 2013 (Pileggi) abolishes the scandal-plagued Philadelphia Traffic Court. Senate Bill 333 (Pileggi), approved by both chambers, eliminates Traffic Court in the state constitution.

Senate Resolution 339 (Baker) changes Senate Ethical Conduct Rules by implementing an immediate ban on cash gifts to Senators and Senate employees. Senate Bill 1327 (Baker) prevents the acceptance of cash gifts for all state and local public officials and employees and sets penalties.

Senate Bill 1327 (Baker) prevents the acceptance of cash gifts for all state and local public officials and employees and sets penalties.

Act 4 of 2013 (Smucker) gives county commissioners the option of abolishing the jury commissioner row officer position.

Act 75 of 2013 prohibits “triple dipping” so that individuals cannot collect unemployment compensation if they leave employment to preserve pension benefits (similar to Vance’s SB 297).

Act 77 of 2013 establishes in statute Redevelopment Assistance Capital Project reforms and debt reduction.

Act 72 of 2013 (Scarnati) restructures the composition of the Allegheny County Port Authority Board to provide state government oversight.

Act 2 of 2013 (Gordner) moves the State Tax Equalization Board from an independent board to a division within the Department of Community and Economic Development, improving oversight.

Act 23 of 2013 (Brubaker) encourages the state's four remaining savings and loan institutions to convert into state-chartered savings banks, eliminating the need for a separate state regulatory program.

Senate Bill 114 (Pileggi) requires state agencies to provide notice of data breaches involving personal information within one week.

Senate Bill 99 (Greenleaf) consolidates Pennsylvania's administrative procedure laws to make them more accessible and readable for the public.

Senate Bill 37 (Smucker) allows Pennsylvania residents to register to vote online.

Senate Bill 308 (Scarnati) requires lobbyists and principals to register and report expenditures electronically, and the reports to be posted on the Department of State website within a week.

Senate Bill 120 (Pileggi) requires all campaign finance reports filed with the Department of State to be submitted electronically.

Act 87 of 2014 extends whistleblower protections to employees of nonprofits and private companies that receive public money to perform services.

Act 88 of 2014 extends whistleblower protections to employees of the General Assembly and its agencies.

More News

New General Assembly Website Earns an “A” from Sunlight Foundation 12/5/13
Senate Session Now Available on Any Mobile Device 11/20/13
General Assembly Launches New Website 11/5/13
Senate State Government Committee Hearing Explores Open Records Law Improvements 10/21/13
Senate Passes Legislation to End "Triple Dipping" of Unemployment Compensation Benefits 10/21/13
Scarnati Announces Passage of Debt Reduction and Transparency Bill 10/16/13
Smucker, Voting Rights Advocates Support Online Registration 10/1/13
Senator Pileggi: Funding Increase for Open Records Office Reflects Commitment to Transparency 7/11/13
Folmer Bill Eliminating Insurance Reports Becomes Law 6/25/13
Senate Finance Committee Advances Pension Reform Bill 6/19/13
Governor Signs Bill to Eliminate Traffic Court 6/19/13
Statement on Senate Passage of Legislation to Reform and Restructure the Port Authority of Allegheny County 6/18/13
McIlhinney Announces Retail Liquor Privatization Plan 6/18/13
McIlhinney Liquor Privatization Plan Would Fund Property Tax Freeze for Seniors 6/18/13
Bill to Eliminate Traffic Court Sent to Governor 6/11/13Finance Committee to Hold Hearing on Pension Reform 5/28/13
Governor Signs Smucker Voting Standards Bill into Law 5/16/13
Lawmakers Announce Plan for Improved Oversight of Municipal Financial Deals 5/8/13
Supreme Court Approves State Legislative District Reapportionment Plan 5/8/13
Smucker’s Jury Commissioner Bill Signed Into Law 5/6/13
Senate State Government Committee to Explore Open Records Law Improvements 5/6/13
Senate Approves Greater Flexibility in Makeup of County Row Offices 5/1/13
Vance Bill to End Unemployment Triple Dipping Benefits Passes Senate 5/1/13
Baker Bill Makes Financial Disclosure Statements Easily Accessible Online, Requires Filing By Political Party Officers 4/30/13
Senate Passes Three Bills to Strengthen Transparency and Efficiency in State Government 4/17/13
Smucker's Jury Commissioner Bill Clears Senate 4/16/13
Senate Labor and Industry Moves Bill to End 'Triple Dipping' of Unemployment Compensation Benefits 4/16/13
Senate Approves Brubaker's Purely Public Charity Bill 3/20/13
Senate Committee Approves Pileggi Bill to Improve Transparency of Campaign Finance Reports 3/19/13
Senate Approves Brubaker Bill Mandating Conversion of State's Savings & Loan Associations 3/13/13
Scarnati to Introduce Legislation to Reform and Restructure the Port Authority of Allegheny County 3/8/13
Brubaker Reintroduces Bill Establishing Two-Year Budget Cycle for Commonwealth 2/27/13
McIlhinney Bill Would Require Financial Transparency of Political Party Leaders 2/21/13
Senate Finance Committee Advances Purely Public Charity Bill 2/13/13
Senator Pileggi's Legislation to Abolish Philadelphia Traffic Court Unanimously Approved by Senate 2/13/13
Senator Pileggi: Sunshine Review Gives Pennsylvania "A-" for Online Transparency 2/5/13
Senator Pileggi: Indictments Show Need to Abolish Traffic Court 1/31/13
Senator Gordner's State Tax Equalization Board Legislation Passes Senate 1/29/13
Senator Pileggi: Philadelphia Traffic Court Should Be Eliminated 1/11/13

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