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Local Company Seeks Speed Record, Promotes Math and Sciences

On September 27, I met with team members from Carbonite LSR, a motorsports company from Renfrew, Butler County, that is currently trying to break the land speed record for a wheeled automobile. Apart from trying to reach a land speed of 500 miles-per-hour, Carbonite LSR works to encourage and promote math and science in schools, create fuel efficient technologies for today’s automobiles, and develop new power plants that showcase non-government funded sustainable alternative fuels, such as natural gas and electricity.

Online Service Provides Faster Businesses Tax Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently unveiled a new online service that allows businesses and tax professionals to access expanded tax account information easier and faster while improving efficiencies for businesses and the department.

Business taxpayers can use the department’s business tax system, e-TIDES, to request electronic delivery of their statement of account and receive a PDF in their e-TIDES account the next business day. More than 40 types of taxes including corporate net income, sales, use, employer withholding and other business taxes are available.

A video of the new service is available here.

The new electronic statement provides a summary of the taxpayer’s account including the three most recent tax periods that have been filed, non-filed tax periods, and tax periods with open liabilities, payments or credits, grouped by tax type. Additional sections show tax periods under appeal, unused restricted credits, and W2 annual reconciliation, if applicable. Detailed account information is below the summary.

Previously, taxpayers had to call or submit a written request for information. Revenue staff members would print and mail the document - which could be hundreds of pages long.

State Parole Agent Testing Open until November 30

The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole recently announced that the State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) will offer the Parole Agent 1 civil service exam to all interested applicants until November 30.

Applications are available on the State Civil Service Commission’s website at or by contacting the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (PBPP) Bureau of Human Resources at (717) 787.5699 extension 1322 or e-mail

Individuals selected as a result of the examination process must successfully pass an extensive 10-year background investigation, fingerprinting requirement, drug screening, medical examination and psychological evaluation before appointment as a parole agent. Individuals must complete the intense eight-week Basic Training Academy in Elizabethtown. The starting salary for new agents is over $40,000 annually.

More information on how to apply can be found by visiting the “ Apply for Jobs” section of the state parole website at

Guidelines Released for Upcoming Tax Amnesty Program

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently released guidelines for an upcoming tax amnesty program for Pennsylvania residents.

Tax amnesty is not a forgiveness of debt, but rather a reduction in fines to encourage the payment of back taxes. Many of the tax dollars would otherwise go uncollected so this program is intended to bring in revenue that could have been lost by the state. The amnesty plan is projected to raise more than $100 million in new revenue.

The amnesty program period begins April 21 and ends on June 19, 2017. All taxes owed to the Commonwealth administered by the Department of Revenue are eligible. Taxes, interest and penalties collected under the International Fuel Tax Agreement owed to other states or provinces are not eligible.

For more information and complete program guidelines, click here.

DCNR Accepting Nominations for 2017 Trails Advisory Committee

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is accepting nominations for three open positions on the 2017 Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee.

The advisory committee is charged with implementing recommendations of the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan to develop a statewide land and water trail network to facilitate recreation, transportation, and healthy lifestyles.

The 20-member committee represents both motorized and non-motorized trail users and advises the commonwealth on the use of state and federal trail funding. DCNR is accepting nominations for three open positions on the committee representing the following user groups: water trail users; horseback riding; and member-at-large. Members will serve a three-year term starting Jan. 1, 2017.

All nominees must submit a cover letter and resume to by Oct. 28, 2016. For more information on the Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee, visit

For more information on Pennsylvania’s 573 trails covering more than 11,000 miles in the state, visit

Labor Day Holiday Crashes Investigated by State Police

Eleven people were killed and 223 were injured in the 704 crashes investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) during the three-day Labor Day holiday weekend driving period, September 2-5.

Troopers cited 769 individuals for not wearing seat belts and issued citations to 198 motorists for not securing children in safety seats. Troopers also issued 11,341 speeding citations and arrested 590 operators for driving under the influence. Of the 704 crashes investigated by the PSP, 61 of those crashes, including four of the fatal crashes, were alcohol-related.

During last year’s four-day Labor Day holiday driving period, nine people died and 230 others were injured in 664 crashes to which state troopers responded.

The statistics cover only those crashes investigated by the PSP and do not include statistics on incidents to which other law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania responded.

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